Buying, selling, managing and investing in farmland real estate isn't just our job. It's our life's work.
A Treasured Legacy: The Farming and Ranching Heritage

Since 1977, Agriculture Industries has provided excellent customer service and expertise in Farm Management and Real Estate Brokerage. We work with individual, corporate, institutional and agency clients when they want to buy, sell, manage and invest in agricultural or farmland real estate.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a ranchette, or a larger, more complex property, Agriculture Industries gives you and your property the individual attention you deserve. Looking for replacement property for an IRC 1031 Exchange? Agriculture Industries can help!

Looking to invest in agricultural properties or currently own agricultural property, but don’t want day-to-day involvement? Agriculture Industries can help define your investment objectives and place the appropriate management to achieve those goals.

Agriculture Industries also provides support to lenders, attorneys, accountants and tenants when working with agricultural property owners.