We love what we do. That's why at Agriculture Industries, buying, selling, managing and investing in farmland real estate is our life's work.

Agriculture Industries knows land and water… intimately. Since 1977, we have been dedicated to helping our clients maximize efficiency and production with our full-spectrum farm management and consulting services.

As a brokerage firm, Agriculture Industries has helped many of our clients find, purchase and sell agricultural real estate. Agriculture Industries’ non-stop involvement with farms and ranches backs every real estate transaction we oversee.

As a management firm, we can provide the services you need. Whether you’re interested in livestock operations, row and field crops, timber, or permanent crops (e.g., vineyards, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, citrus, etc.), no other company has the experience or the track record we have. No other company will give you the honest assessment you need in order to make informed decisions regarding your existing operation, or on a new or proposed investment.

Agriculture Industries is the quiet company behind your profitability.