Our customized approach to farmland management and consulting is just one more shining example of the excellent services we provide our clients.

Your farm or ranch’s productivity is a priority to us! Agriculture Industries provides customized management and consulting services for the landowners and farmers. Whether you have a cattle ranch, timber, row and field crops (e.g., cotton, tomatoes, alfalfa hay, corn, wheat, beans, melons, grains and grass hay), or permanent crops (e.g., wine, table or raisin grapes, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, olives, prunes, stone fruit or citrus), Agriculture Industries can implement the proper operations and personnel to meet your needs.

Agriculture Industries looks out for your bottom line, first and foremost. We give you our honest assessment, regardless of the situation. You are too valuable for us to gloss over brutal reality or to pad the truth. In some cases, telling it like it is might even cost us the management or the sale. We consider it our duty to give you the straight facts based upon our vast experience, regardless of any loss or gain to us. With Agriculture Industries, your best interest comes first.

Agriculture Industries provides accurate record keeping and reporting to keep you apprised of your investment.